I love you, but you’re not Napoleon

A quick note on the idea of strategic voting, especially in regards to city dwellers…

If you think that buying pushing a Liberal candidate over one for the NDP or the Greens is going to keep the Conservatives from winning the election, you’re plain wrong. Look at the voting history in your city, if the Conservatives haven’t won a seat there since your parents were as young and dumb and you, then you’re not helping anything. All you are doing is robbing an earnest NDP or Green candidate that will care about the city from sitting in the house.

And don’t be afraid to vote Green. If the Conservative are to win this election (and they will) then we’re going to need all the ecos we can get in the House.

If you still want to feel like Julius Caesar, then look at the race between the NDP and the Liberals. It might be time for a new “2nd Party” and I think, despite people’s reservations about Jack Layton, that the NDP is an ideal party to be the Official Opposition.

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