Election Night ’08 – welcome to square one

So there you have it. We’re back with a Conservative minority. As it’s late and the analysis of this election will begin in earnest tomorrow morning, I’ll mention only a few key points regarding the outcome.

Low Voter Turnout
WIth the elections stacking up so close to one another, a slight drop in voter turnout is to be expected. However, the total lack of a key issue in this entire campaign certainly contributed to voter apathy. When all the data comes out, I’d look to young, city-dwelling men and women as the largest absent group.

Liberal Collapse
The Stephane Dion experiment is over. He was a mistake to begin with and it took a terrible election result (the worst in the party’s history) to confirm the party’s folly. I would look to a Bob Rae, Michael Ignatieff or Ken Dryden leadership within the next 8-14 months. As it’s caused the replacement of a bad leader then this huge Liberal failure may yet reap benefits.

Conservative Shortfall
As I mentioned in this afternoon’s article, the Harperites cannot get outside of their fortress. This was, for the most part, true. They made some gains in rural Ontario, but were shut out of Quebec. Without Quebec there is no majority. For those of you that look upon a Conservative majority with scorn, then send a thank you note to Gilles Duceppe. This also calls Mr. Harper’s leadership into question. If the parliament lasts more than 24 months he may step aside before the next election.

NDP Gains
If they’d run as an opposition party, they would have done better. Obviously that’s just conjecture. But I stand by it.

The 40th Parliament
Runs like a majority. If the NDP is smart, they can act like the Opposition while they watch the Liberal implode and the BQ take long lunches.

So long for tonight. Remember, it cost $300 million to run an election but the alternative is goose-stepping past the Fuhrer, but suck it up and pay the bill.

One thought on “Election Night ’08 – welcome to square one

  1. Once again 59% of the population has decided the democratic path for the county.

    The Liberals and the Bloc should sit down and reinvent themselves into a new ‘central left’ liberal party if they have any hope of forming a government in the near future. Dion will have to go and the “Green Shift” will have to be reinvented when there is a liberal government not during an election when the idea of another tax plays into the hand of the Reform-a-Tory party.

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