And The Winner is…The Bloc?

If you were a supporter of the coalition, than the lunchtime announcement that the Governor General had consented to proroguing parliament likely deflated your lust for change, at least somewhat. The success of the Conservatives in avoiding a vote will likely mean the eventual failure of the coalition, due mainly to Liberal leadership squabbles. However, the coalition might fail for a simpler and more fundamental reason–the Bloc doesn’t need it anymore.

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“Two Frenchmen and a Moustache” or “Why I Support the Coalition.”

Are we having fun yet? The past week has been filled with reproach, rebuke, rhetoric and, some say, revolution. The opposition parties, in a seemingly magnanimous response to Jim Flaherty’s economic update, have prepared a accord detailing their intent to replace the government of Stephen Harper. The Conservatives, rightly seeing an end to their governmental (if not political) lives, have stopped just short of accusing the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois of staging a coup d’etat. In this morass of politics and nonsense, what major issues should one consider when deciding whether or not to offer moral support to the proposed coalition?

Out of this whole mess, there are 4 points which I think shape this debate.

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