And The Winner is…The Bloc?

If you were a supporter of the coalition, than the lunchtime announcement that the Governor General had consented to proroguing parliament likely deflated your lust for change, at least somewhat. The success of the Conservatives in avoiding a vote will likely mean the eventual failure of the coalition, due mainly to Liberal leadership squabbles. However, the coalition might fail for a simpler and more fundamental reason–the Bloc doesn’t need it anymore.

Thanks to Conservative vitriol, the Bloc stands a good chance of sweeping Quebec in the next election (which is coming sooner than you think) or at splitting the 10 Conservative seats with the Liberals. Furthermore, the constant attacks have allowed Duceppe to look like the victim, raising his profile in Quebec and making his move from federal to provincial politics more likely now than ever.

The Liberals could be the winner in all of this, if they would just dump Dion now (in anticipation of an election) and start hammering the Conservatives. Unfortunately, they seem to be stuck with Dion for now and that means they are in no position to go to the polls and thus in no position to raise the funds necessary for a full-on PR campaign.

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