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Why should the union take it on the chin for everyone else? I don’t understand these arguments about “fairness” and call for magnanimity on the part of “organized labour”. In 2009 the great unwashed see the unionized worker as an overpaid burden while at the same time bemoaning the death of manufacturing and by extension, the middle class. As if a regular Joe/Jane can be blamed for getting a good job and wanting to make it better. When all unionized workers get today is scorn, what’s their motivation to sacrifice for the rest of us?

Look at auto sector for a moment…

Who used to top off the United Way every year? Auto sector unions. Who ran toy drives at Christmas? Auto sector unions. Who were the major proponents for boycotts against the social crimes of South Africa in the 1980’s? Auto sector unions. Decades of good works and our reward to them is to put the burden of solving the auto crisis on their wallets. If the unions didn’t eventually concede, we would have pinned the failure of industry on the working man/woman.

The guys in Local 416 have seen the writing on the wall. If they don’t fight for themselves, no one is going to fight for them. What incentive do they have to compromise? The example of self-sacrifice the rest of us are making?? Anyone think we’re going to throw the union a thank you parade if they cave? No, we’ll rub it in their f’n face. In tough times people have to hold on to their jobs with both hands. If you’re a small businessperson fighting through the recession you’re a hero, if you’re a union man/woman trying to do a little better than just “food on the table” you’re a villain. It’s sad and wrong.

One more thing…

Can it with the “they’re so lazy” shit, which is always followed with “in the private sector, those guys wouldn’t last a week”. Open your eyes and look around your workplace, how many morons can you count on one hand that have been there for 20 years and don’t do a goddamn thing? There are always people that fly under the radar…at least 1 day a week, it’s probably you.

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