The Shit Cycle

In response to this drivel:

With apologies to Mr. Lahey…


Am I the only one that reaches coma-like states of boredom whenever I read a “mad as hell” article like Vinay Menon’s leaden turd of a diatribe?

“My shed got broken into, the garbage bins are too big, oh poor me. Things used to be so much better!”

No they didn’t. Never. Ever. In the entire history of cities, something has always been shitty. It’s the cycle of a city…the shit cycle. Sometimes crime is bad, sometimes crime is low. Sometimes city workers are happy lambs, sometimes their pissed off. Sometimes we have a perfect summer, sometimes we have to work for it. This year we’re at the bottom of the shit cycle. So pull up your socks, put on a smile and get over it.

There are no solutions in nostalgia…at best you get a refuge. But hiding from reality also blinds you to it and convinces you of serious untruths, like Toronto being a bad place to live. It isn’t. It needs work, but I’ve seen a lot places in my young life; some beautiful, some terrible. I didn’t want to live in any of them (well, maybe Montreal)…Toronto is a brilliant city and getting better. The shit cycle always rotates back to the top. Hold Fast.

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