Father Knows Best

Today I have my first guest writer…my Dad! He was a union man for 35 years and spent 25 of them as a Local President for the CAW. Enjoy! – Joshua


Knowing little beyond what has appeared in the media there seems to be a focus on the garbage side of the dispute. But as I recall you said the garbage workers, (Local 416 I think) seem to have fallen into management’s trap. The issue of ‘sick days’ is not one you want out there for the public that, by their taxes, pay your wages. Everyone works for wages, hopes for a safe workplace, gets some vacation time, legislated overtime compensation and maybe some will have employer paid benefits but it is unlikely many will have employer paid pensions. It’s very doubtful any would get paid for being off work when sick and they’re sure not getting paid for sick days they did not use.

Considering all that…it’s one point to the employer.

Then there are the piles of garbage collecting along city streets and in parks; parks where children play…do you hear me?!?…CHILDREN! And where there is garbage there will be RATS… Rats that will bite the children and spread disease. And let’s get some pictures of garbage piles (on day 2) in the heat, covered with flies and oh yes in +30C…STINKING. Too damn bad they couldn’t get a shot of a rat. That’d look great on page 1.

Add to the bad imagery the line ups at the few drop-off locations; poor old folks and mothers with small children in hot stinky cars. Why are there so few drop-off spots? All you need is a couple of garbage trucks at more sites and pretty soon it’s not so inconvenient and the union has spread itself further to picket them, disbursing their human resources. But pissing off the taxpayers at the unions expense is a great plan and after all, these “greedy bastards just want to get paid for not working or not even being sick”. The union should have seen that one coming.

Sorry picketers, but that’s two points to the employer.

As a quick tangent, there does not seem, at least from my remote site of Rondeau Park, to be a bitter response from the daycare users. Could that be that the moms and dads who drop off the kiddies have more personal contact with the day-care workers. Thus they understand that if you want quality, qualified people looking after your kids you’re willing to pay for that? I have not heard the sick-day pay attached to this group?

More importantly I hear that the LCBO and the union have a tentative agreement and even if there had been a strike the LCBO sold out most of their retail stock in two days, probably made enough in those 2 days to offset the cost of the new agreement. So the picketers won’t have any picketing buddies and it allows people to say “Well the LCBO got it done…”

Employer 3 – Union 0

So there are a few ramblings from an old union hack and that plus a twonie will get you a cup of Timmy’s…

2 thoughts on “Father Knows Best

  1. For a family of union hacks, you guys sure do swing to the centre.

    The only saga regarding day-care I heard of is that people are pissed that city-halls daycare is not public, so it’s not on strike. So those management still getting into work there don’t have a problem. The daycare effect about 2500 kids I’m told. I don’t know how the system works as my kids are at home, but I can’t see that being a great percentage of kids in day-care. I might be wrong. If it’s only like 25% that’s not enough to garner the same animosity as the garbage issue just in sheer numbers.

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