My Only Words on Rob Ford

One large man to another...avoid the fisheye lens.

UPDATE (2010/06/18):

OK, fuck it…Rob Ford is far too interesting to me. I have to keep talking about him, so I think I’ll regularly update this post with my thoughts on the bloated candidate. Today, here’s something I posted on Spacing in response to this fun article by Jonathan Goldsbie:

A year ago, Rob Ford was a clown and now he’s a serious contender. How does that happen? How does a guy with no political savvy do an end-run around everyone’s preconceptions and come out as a new person, even though he has all the same faults?? Confused? Joint the club.

Rob Ford, who’s entire purpose seems to be antagonizing fellow councillors, entire ethnic groups, the media and AIDS sufferers is AT THE SAME TIME a leading candidate for Mayor. It’s like he’s a superhero…by day he’s a goonish, loud-mouthed, racist buffoon, but when the sun goes down he puts on his costume and becomes “ROB FORD FOR MAYOR!!” Except in this situation, his Clark Kent outfit and he super-suit are the exactly the same, yet still no one puts two and two together.

The only way this would make sense is if Rob Ford had at one time been a moron for whom every opening of his mouth was a precursor to foot insertion, BUT now he’s been enlightened and has working “like a dog” to become involved and aware of our entire city’s diversity. If that were the case, I could understand his popularity. But let’s be honest…he hasn’t changed a but and is proving it regularly.

So here’s my question (and it’s likely the same question asked by Ford’s doctor, ZING!)…when will Rob Ford reach critical mass and explode? It’s gotta happen sometime.


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Why Pride?

We're here, we're queer...uhh...pass me another beer!

About this time last year I got into a heated debate with my good friend and fellow blogger, Catherine. Catherine and I don’t typically engage in deep political or social debates so the fact that we were not only delving deeply into the socio-political, but also that it got so involved made the topic worth remembering. I had suggested that the LGBT community wasn’t making good use of their annual time in the media spotlight; that the community as a whole was allowing itself to be defined by videos of half-naked people shooting each other with water guns rather than by a conversation about something important…like the ongoing struggle of gays, lesbians, et al for equality in this country and around the world. I kept coming back to the idea that when all the world is watching and you have something important to say, why the fuck would you waste your time putting on a big clown show?

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