VoteTO: A No Humble Opinions Endorsement

No matter where I go, my heart is always in Parkdale.

In some ways, this election has been the easiest ever for downtown, progressive types like me. Not only has there been an obvious target for our righteous rage, the apparent lack of a clear alternative has allowed liberal progressives to lazily wallow in depression and negativity while avoiding the difficult work of supporting a particular idea and by extension, a candidate as well as the painstaking work of defending their choice to others.  This campaign is all negativity; from the leading candidate on down to his most ardent detractors. Negativity is so very simple because it’s purely reactive. Your opponent says or does something and you react. And thanks to Twitter and Facebook, you don’t even have to leave the house to be on the reactionary bandwagon.

To be fair, I’ve not only been on the Anti-Rob Ford bandwagon, at times I’ve been pulling it forward with my teeth. I’ve taken pot shots, at various times I’ve wished violence upon Rob Ford and/or his supporters and I’ve engaged in brutal arguments with good friends about the mental capacity of Ford’s supporters. And to be clear, in general it’s been great sport. Ford is not only an easy target, he constantly provides you with new material. A fact which makes attacking Ford a very hard habit to break. Truly, were I not deeply concerned about Ford’s chances of winning and the untold damage his mayoralty would do to our city, I might be inclined to keep the blinders on and hammer away on Ford until judgement day…or the election.

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Your Weekend Action Items – Sept. 17, 2010

Here’s the transcript from a segment called “Your Weekend Action Items” that I do every Friday morning on CKUT FM 90.3 in Montreal.


Here we are in the third week of September.

The leaves are starting the change, students are getting over their frosh week hangovers and slowly we’re all getting used to our “normal” lives. Fall is here, my friends.

But hey, it’s not all bad. Fall clothes are the nicest clothes, right? You can wear that sexy jacket or those new leather boots without worrying about being too hot. And sure it rains, but you’re too busy to be outside all day anyway. Fall is working time.

But take some comfort, brothers and sisters, in knowing that we all have to go back to work.

Down the road in sleepy old Ottawa, even the political class is about to resume their duties; which of late have included yelling at each other, threatening elections, backing down on those threats and then yelling at each other. That might sound like business as usual and perhaps it is. Occasionally, I like to reminisce about a time when Members of Parliament conducted themselves with a bit more composure. It’s certainly hard to imagine a barnstorming gorilla like John Baird existing in the time of Mackenzie King. And if he did, he certainly wouldn’t have been recognized as “MP of the Year” by a certain national rag of a magazine. But hey, maybe I’m languishing in nostalgia. It wouldn’t be the first time.

With Parliament set to resume, it only seems fitting that this week should be an ALL CANADA, ALL NATIONAL ISSUES edition of the Action Items.

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