Your Weekend Action Items – Sept. 17, 2010

Here’s the transcript from a segment called “Your Weekend Action Items” that I do every Friday morning on CKUT FM 90.3 in Montreal.


Here we are in the third week of September.

The leaves are starting the change, students are getting over their frosh week hangovers and slowly we’re all getting used to our “normal” lives. Fall is here, my friends.

But hey, it’s not all bad. Fall clothes are the nicest clothes, right? You can wear that sexy jacket or those new leather boots without worrying about being too hot. And sure it rains, but you’re too busy to be outside all day anyway. Fall is working time.

But take some comfort, brothers and sisters, in knowing that we all have to go back to work.

Down the road in sleepy old Ottawa, even the political class is about to resume their duties; which of late have included yelling at each other, threatening elections, backing down on those threats and then yelling at each other. That might sound like business as usual and perhaps it is. Occasionally, I like to reminisce about a time when Members of Parliament conducted themselves with a bit more composure. It’s certainly hard to imagine a barnstorming gorilla like John Baird existing in the time of Mackenzie King. And if he did, he certainly wouldn’t have been recognized as “MP of the Year” by a certain national rag of a magazine. But hey, maybe I’m languishing in nostalgia. It wouldn’t be the first time.

With Parliament set to resume, it only seems fitting that this week should be an ALL CANADA, ALL NATIONAL ISSUES edition of the Action Items.

The first issue is a redo; which might sound odd as we’re only in the 3rd week of this segment, but the issue is pressing and it needs your support. I am of course speaking about the LONG GUN REGISTRY.

In the midst of all the Conservatives efforts to create a wedge issue out of gun control, pitting their powerful rural base against us city dwellers, the very simple concept of protecting people from being shit is getting lots. And make no mistake, that’s exactly what the Conservatives want.

Now, the Friday Morning After isn’t necessarily an opinions show, but let me say this…

..Owning a gun is not a right in Canada. This isn’t the US, there’s no 2nd Amendment. That anyone is allowed to own a weapon is a privilege and one that needs to be tightly controlled.

I understand that we were once a pioneer country. And as such, certain parts of the country are more accustomed to having guns than not having them. Fine. Lucky for those people, no one is saying they can’t own a gun. But let’s be clear, unless anyone has forgotten.

Guns are not mere property, they’re deadly weapons. And yes, you NRA spindoctors, I know that things like cars also kill, which is why you need a license, registration and insurance in order to operate one. Here’s the difference…Cars were invented to get around. Guns were invented to kill people!! And yet, in Canada it takes more to own a car than it does to own a gun.

So, if you want to own a gun, there need to be some more hoops to jump through. And that’s Too Bad. So you miss pheasant season this year because your gun’s not registered…WAAAAH! I don’t care. You’re lucky you get a gun at all…’cause let me tell you this. If it were up to me, you’d have to stand in front of a judge and make a pretty convincing case for owning a gun at all. For me, there’s no such thing as too much gun control.

SO…once again, your action item is to write to your MP or any MP you chose and urge them to support the gun registry and to vote NAY on Bill C-391. The vote is on September 22nd (that’s next Wednesday) so DON’T DELAY! ACT NOW! AGENTS ARE STANDING BY!


Double karma points are given to anyone writes one of the 7 remaining NDP MPs who intend to vote with the government to defeat the long gun registry. They are:

Peter Stoffer – Sackville-Eastern Shore

John Rafferty – Thunder Bay-Rainy River

Bruce Hyer – Thunder Bay-Superior North

Dennis Bevington – Western Arctic

Nathan Cullen – Skeena-Bulkely Valley

Jim Malloway – Elmwood-Transcona


Nikki Ashton – Churchill

Oh and there’s a piece about the gun registry by the great Don Newman on the CBC’s politics page that I quite like. Links to everything are of course on the blog:

Moving on…

The order paper for the next session of parliament won’t just feature an important bill about gun control…oh no…

You’re also going to get bills like C-32, the Copyright Modernization Act, which makes things none of us do any more like ripping CDs LEGAL, but it also puts new restrictions and fines on things all of us do (especially you shifty university students) like downloading movies.

If that’s not enough, it would also allow you ISP to break confidentiality agreements with you and release your personal information to copyright holders if the copyright holder SUSPECTS you’ve done something naughty; it’s shifty stuff and woefully out of touch with technology.

Another sure to be juicy bill for the fall session is Bill C-4, which proposes to make amendments to the Youth Justice Act which could make it easier for young people to be tried as adults, among other things.

I haven’t read enough of the Bill to form a specific opinion, but when it comes to dealing with young offenders (or any offenders) we Westerners do tend to be a bit bloodthirsty for justice and like it or not, even crooked kids are kids. And kids deserve extra protection. After all, whatever they’ve done, they didn’t get that way on their own. That’s why we have to look out for them. So we’ll need to keep a close eye this.

Alright, where’s the action item in all of this? Well I’d like you to go to the website for this 40th session of Parliament and take a look at some of the items on the order paper for the fall. The link is on our blog

And while you’re there, take special note of the Private Members bills as they’re often overlooked by the mainstream media. For example, Bill C-391 (the gun registry bill) was a private member’s bill.

And as a Private Member’s Bill doesn’t usually get the same amount of time for debate as Government Bills, they’re a sneaky little way to get controversial stuff through Parliament when no one’s looking.

On the other hand, some Private Member’s bills can do good. Bill C-208, for example would prevent the open market sale of Canadian war medals. I don’t think we should be selling our heritage to anyone, so I think that’s a great initiative.

OK? Good.

Finally…and I have to be quick about this last one…

I urge you to go to and sign the petition against SUN TV NEWS, often referred to as Fox News North. Not for political reasons, but for cultural ones. We have absolutely no need for more phony news in this country and even if we did, that need is more than filled by the 24h hour networks from south of the 49th parallel. Having our own set of bleating morons shouting at each other and infesting our culture with the lies of their political and corporate masters might seem like fun, but I assure it won’t contribute a thing. We don’t need SUN TV NEWS or any of the other fake news channels that would be sure to follow.

So please sign the petition. You don’t have to take a a stand against the politics of SUN MEDIA or their masters at Quebecor, but you should take a stand against this brand of news.

And it’s worth noting that the petition is having an effect. On Wednesday, Kory Teneycke (the head of the proposed network and former Harper spinmaster) resigned amid accusations that he’d attempted to sabotage the petition, adding fictitious names and even his own name as part of a vain plot to discredit Avaaz. Well…it didn’t work, jerk-off.

That’s a good sign brothers and sisters…when the man tries to screw with your petition; you know he’s feeling the heat

So keep pouring on the heat my friends and never let up.

I’m Joshua Hind and those are your Action Items.

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