20 Thoughts for 2012

I hadn’t been on Twitter in a while, so I decided to make up for lost time with 20 thoughts for 2012, the last year of the Earth, or so I’m told.

1: About to board another flight to the Island Airport. 4 years after I started using that airport, I love it as much as ever.

2: By demanding huge concessions and locking out workers, Electro-Motive is perfectly executing the “Delayed Plant Closure” plan.

2a: For more evidence of what Caterpillar (owner of Electro-Motive) is up to, read about the Navistar plant in Chatham, ON.

3: If 2011 was the year of popular unrest in Arab World, 2012 will be the year of labour unrest in North America. #warontheworker

4: Obama can’t charge into Iran like Bush did with Iraq. So, expect a Gulf of Tonkin-style false flag in the Straight of Hormuz.

5: Remember how proud you were to be a Canadian in the mid-90’s? Well, that country doesn’t exist anymore.

6: There is nothing more powerful or destructive than a group of people with a victim complex. (See: Western Canadian Conservatives)

7: To beat the Conservatives and rebuild Canada, we have to admit we have a problem. We have to let Canadian Exceptionalism go.

8: All of Rob Ford’s remaining supporters fit into 2 categories. 1) People who can’t admit their mistakes. 2) #CPC fixers. #TOpoli

9: Canada did well in the recession because of Brian Mulroney (hard to admit) and Paul Martin (also, hard to admit). The #CPC did ZIP!

10: When you realize modern conservative economic theory (trickle-down) comes from a former cowboy actor (Reagan), it’s hard to be happy.

11: Worth noting that both of the guys who came up with Reaganomics were libertarians. Hey, isn’t that Ron Paul guy crazy??

12: Never forget that Mr. Reason (aka @JoshMatlow) voted to remove the Jarvis Bike Lane. Mr. I-Do-What’s-Best, just blew $190K.

13: When all the union jobs are gone and those “expensive”, “greedy” pensions are a thing of the past, we’ll finally be slaves.

14: If you want to know where we are as progressives in 2012, look up “rearguard action”. And when you’re finished giggling, get worried.

15: That Kevin O’Leary is a star tells you just about everything you need to know about popular sentiment in Canada circa 2012.

16: The next Republican president (2016) will make a stirring speech at this year’s RNC convention.

17: David Miller conducted his mayoralty like it’d never end. Ford is conducting his mayoralty like it could all be over tomorrow. #TOpoli

18: We’d all (me included) do well to learn everything we can about what happened in North America in the 70’s.

19: The truth will set you free, but it won’t help you sleep.

20: Uprisings in the Arab World used social media to dodge methods of control. In North America, social media IS a method of control.

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