AM Radio – Episode 1

Today, we recorded the first episode of “AM Radio”, a 1hr podcast dealing with news, politics and whatever else we want to discuss. It features me, Sharlanne McStay and Jeff Norris. It’s coming to iTunes soon, but in the meantime you can download it right here.

Episode: 0001
Title: Episode 1: Mega Strollers, Santorum and Ford Hates Drivers
Hosts: Joshua Hind, Sharlanne McStay, Jeff Norris
Synopsis:¬†On this week’s show, Jeff discusses his disdain for oversized strollers at brunch places, Josh gets robocalled, the group takes some shots at Santorum, plus we hear from former President Kennedy, current Mayor Rob Ford and Josh belches twice.

To Download, right click on the player and choose “Save Link As”.