Election Roundtable on the Aug. 3rd FMA


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On Aug. 1, Premier Jean Charest ended months of speculation and called an election for Sept. 4, 2012. If we were to say things like, “this election will prove to be incredibly contentious”, or “Jean Charest has a real fight on his hands”, well…we’d sound like every other crappy radio station in the province. In an effort to be different, I, the relatively new resident of Quebec (who’s voting in his first Quebec provincial election) will make some wildly irrational statements and our esteemed panel will call me names.

Undertaking this harrowing task is our Justice League of Independent Journalists:

  • Justin Ling, a veteran of the Friday Morning After and the record-holder for most f-words used in a single show, is a freelance writer who frequently appears in Xtra and OpenFile Montreal;
  • Adam Kovac is also a freelance writer who was part of the one of the best student strike/media-related Twitter wars I’ve ever seen. He also writes for Link Newspaper, Shtetl Magazine and OpenFile Montreal;
  • And Christopher Curtis has been described by…someone…as the Hunter S Thompson of Montreal journalists. He is also freelance and writes for the Gazette, OpenFile Montreal and Link Newspaper.
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