Giambrone, Paikin and responding to responses…

There’s something about Adam Giambrone’s last second run for the NDP nomination in Scarborough-Guildwood that really bothers me. In a post that’s rightfully received a lot of traction on social media, Audra Williams (@audrawilliams) does the heavy lifting of describing why Giambrone’s surprise appearance in Scarborough feels so greasy. Williams spreads a wide net, highlighting Giambrone’s personal failings, his ethnicity (or lack thereof) and the failings of the nomination process. But for me, it’s all about a process that seems at best to have been gamed, and a worst, rigged.

Zach Paikin, a person who fits both the old (money) and new (sex/race) definitions of┬áprivilege wasn’t comfortable seeing his Giambrone besmirched in this way and took to the Huffington Post to respond. His┬áresponse, which I’ll pick apart in this post, is an object study in how not to defend someone.

First, why are we talking about Adam Giambrone at all.

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Letter to the Public Editor (Updated)

To: Kathy English, Public Editor, Toronto Star
From: Joshua Hind
Date: 2013-Jul-05

RE: Toronto Star story, “Toronto car crash at Bay and Lake Shore raises questions about road safety”, originally printed 2013-Jul-04, online version edited 2013-Jul-05

Ms. English,

I write today to call into question the reporting of the Toronto Star and writer Andrew Livingston in the story entitled, “Toronto car crash at Bay and Lake Shore raises questions about road safety”. The story in question not only fails to present the facts about the collision in any great detail, it also gives the reader the false impression that the pedestrians involved in the accident either share the blame for the collision, or were perhaps the cause of it.

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