David and Goliath

Updated: 2014-10-26 @ 10:43PM -0400

At this point, whether or not anyone believes Jian Ghomeshi’s story is irrelevant. We haven’t seen anything resembling evidence of his misdeeds, or proof that he’s innocent of them. We don’t even have a clear statement from the CBC telling us why he was fired, nor any reason to believe one is forthcoming. All we do have is a couple of vague press releases and Ghomeshi’s own statement. Having taken stock of our limited resources, it’s a little early to hold him up as a victim or to brand him a criminal sex offender.

All we have is Ghomeshi’s statement, and considering the context of the allegations — a relationship gone bad, an alleged smear campaign — that’s a poor position on which to base an opinion. So, while we really shouldn’t bother evaluating the content of a hastily prepared yet exceptionally well structured plea for sympathy, we can certainly evaluate mechanics are work here, specifically the structural and cultural imbalances that heavily favour the well-loved, male, celebrity radio host.

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