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I was in Montreal this past week and I contacted the wonderful people who are now hosting my old radio show, The Friday Morning After, to find out if they wouldn’t mind me sitting in on the show. Well, turns out they not only didn’t mind but wondered if I would do 20 minutes on something. I chose 4 somethings.

Sit back and listen to my very rusty radio delivery. Oh, and find out about the oil sector writing curriculum in Alberta, the feds imposing lifetime gag orders, and a quick chat about electoral sign defacement. That stuff is important too.

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No Currency: Canada’s Abortion “Debate”

Author’s Note: This piece was originally written on Oct. 10, 2012 for a segment on my CKUT radio program in Montreal. It appears here in a modified format. You can hear the original radio segment HERE


The most recent re-ignition of the abortion “debate” in Canada arguably began in April of 2012 with the unveiling of the members motion we now know as Bill M-312. If passed, the motion, written and sponsored by Stephen Woodworth, the lawyer and Conservative MP for Kitchener Centre, would have opened a discussion to determine the moment when a fetus becomes a human being. According Mr. Woodworth, the “law” currently states that a fetus is not a person until, as he phrases it, “the moment of complete birth”.

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The Royal Commission on Missing Royal Commissions…

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On this week’s edition of The Action Items, after realizing that no one needs to hear another commentary on Idle No More from a middle class white guy, I go in search of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.

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The Action Items – “Are you a revolutionary or a jerk?”

From the May 11th edition of the Friday Morning After on CKUT 90.3FM in Montreal and worldwide at, recently voted the BEST RADIO STATION IN MONTREAL, by the readers of Montreal Mirror!!

On this week’s Action Items, we ask a critical question, “What good is staging something like a smoke bomb attack if you don’t tell us why you did it?” In my estimation there are 2 kinds of people who do things like throw smoke bombs in a subway. First is the person who does it for a cause. The second is a jerk, who’s only doing it to mess up someone else’s day. Which kind of person was responsible for last week’s crazy Thursday?

We also look at the SQ and comment on the speed with which they cleared themselves of wrongdoing in Victoriaville, the best ways to shoot down Russian fighter planes and we take on certain national columnists who think giving in to student demands risks delegitimizing the democratic process.

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